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Student Loan Debt and Bankruptcy

Student loans cannot be discharged (avoided) in bankruptcy. That is the general rule. However, under some circumstances, student loans might be avoided or reduced if it can be proven that paying all or a portion of the loans would create a hardship on you or a...

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Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners

Small business owners have several options in Bankruptcy to either stay in business by reorganizing the business finances, or to pursue the closure of the business more gracefully than an abrupt closing of the doors.  Some bankruptcy options are available to all...

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Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

In this season of shutdowns and rent moratoriums, commercial landlords, apartment owners, farmers, and homeowners alike are at risk of foreclosure due to missed payments on mortgages.  When the many foreclosure moratoriums are lifted (most likely in the first...

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Can Bankruptcy Stop an Eviction

In this climate of shut downs and stay at home orders, an incredible number of renters have been forced to take advantage of the eviction moratoriums issued by the federal and state governments. Unfortunately, those moratoriums only delay the inevitable eviction if...

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